Friday, January 15, 2016

Final Ear, Eye, Arm post

By the end of the story, how has Arm changed?

He changed a lot. He Became connected to the baby Seki. He was also possessed by the spirit of Zimbobway. He also lost his power to sense other peoples feelings at the very end. These events made arm a more caring person.

By the end of the story, how has mother changed?

She changed a lot in the story. When her kids were gone I think she learned to care about them more and wanted to spend more time with them. She was also willing to fight for them. That is how mother changed.

By the end of the story, how has Tendai changed?

I think Tendai changed the most. He learned to care for his brother and sister in the Vlei and the mellowers moms house. He also learned to think his way out of situations by coming up with plans. Those plans are how they escaped Dead Mans Vlei. Thats how Tendai changed.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ear, Eye, Arm Plot Summary ThroughChapter 28

1.Tell what happened to the children in dead mans vlei?

        They were kidnapped and sent to dead mans vlei. When they first arrived they tried to escape but were caught by the vlei people. They were then made to change into nasty cloths. They were made to work by the She Elephant. She made good food and they ate it. Stone bricks were tied to their feet and they had to dig trash to sell. trash man showed up and kuda liked him. Tendi had to get water to make the alcohol and he found a ndoro he had a vision.

2.Tell how the children escaped Dead Mans Vlei?

         When Tendi was getting water he saw a way out and climbed through it. he went and got Rita and then Trashman started running with Kuda when Kuda told him he wanted mama. They ran and ran they could see the edge of the city. Then the She Elephant called the Vlei people to chase them. It was a race and they barely made it. The She Elephant was chasing them. Then trash man took them to Resthaven.

3. Tell what happened to the children in Resthaven?

Trashman brought them and they were told that they could come in for a while. They were shown to the village and took baths. then they went to eat. Rita was made to serve dinner. Tendi had to eat out of a separate bowl. Then Tendi had to recite some old sayings to see if he could stay in the tribe. Then Tendi had to tell a story. The next day he went and watched the cattle and fought another boy from a different tribe and won. Rita had to cook and clean and Kuda and Trashman went to the far side of the preserve. Chipo had twins and they were supposed to kill the girl one but Rita brought it outside they were thrown in a hut to await the which finding ceremony.

4. Tell how the children escaped rest haven?

They went to the which finding ceremony. they were made to drink nasty stuff that they puked out but  myanda didn't puke it out so they thought that she was a witch. they all looked around for things to prove she was a witch. The spirit median was angry that they weren't witches so he banned them from the village and they left with Kuda, Rita, Tendi and trash man.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ear, Eye, Arm Ch. 2

What do we know about the Mellower?
We know that he is lazy, late, and forgetful. For example he was late to breakfast. He also forgot to pull the Myna birds wing feathers out.

Why doesn't the Mellower fit in with the family?
The family is all about being on time and neat and the mellower is not that at all. He was late to breakfast. It also says that he's always late.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Ear, Eye, Arm Ch.1

     In the story The Ear, the Eye , and the Arm the natural world is banished and distrusted. Some examples from the text are. They need to have fake birdsong because most of the real birds are gone. Tendai feels regret about not being able to hear the real birds. The Mellower had to smuggle a real bird into their house. The estate has a high security wall around it. The general also thinks that if they go outside the wall that they will be kidnapped. Don't go outside they have a manicured yard and garden. They don't have a real dog. They can't get dirty or messy or they get into trouble.  As you can see the natural world is banished and distrusted.